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15500 Voss Rd Suite 1153 Sugar Land, TX 77498-4601

(281) 974-9487


Your trusted partner in freight transportation services. We pride ourselves on offering personalized solutions for each of our clients and strive to provide efficient and reliable transportation services to meet your unique needs.

Trust Your
Load With Us

If you are looking for a reliable partner to handle your cargo transportation needs, look no further than GTG Logistic LLC. We are here to help you achieve your shipping goals!

Fast Service

We make sure to provide you with a fast and safe service, in the management and transport of your goods.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to providing personalized attention to each of our customers


With 5 years of experience in the freight transport industry

Foreman man working checking at Container cargo harbor to loading containers.

About GTG Logistics LLC

Since 2018, GTG Logistic LLC has been providing reliable and efficient cargo transportation services from our headquarters in Texas, has been in the logistics industry for years and has built a solid reputation for its experience and professionalism. With your leadership and the commitment of our team, we have established a company that stands out for its attention to detail, its excellent customer service and its ability to handle all types of cargo shipments.

As a resident of Texas, we are committed to the community and economic growth of the region. We are proud to be part of the Texas economy and to provide essential cargo transportation services to companies of all sizes throughout the region. If you are looking for a reliable partner to handle your cargo transportation needs, look no further than GTG Logistic LLC. We are here to help you achieve your shipping goals!

We Provide the Best Service

Your reliable and efficient cargo transportation service provider. We offer a wide range of cargo transport solutions.

We're Professional

We are professionals in what we do. We take pride in providing high-quality freight transportation services to our customers and strive to ensure that every shipment is handled with care and attention to detail

Years Experience
Completed Services
Satisfied Customers
Quality and Satisfaction
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Layla Texas

GTG Logistic LLC provides exceptional service! Their team is reliable and efficient, ensuring that our shipments always arrive on time and in great condition. We've been using their services for a few months now and we're very satisfied with their work. Highly recommended!

Enzo Client

I was in a bind and needed to transport some cargo quickly. GTG Logistic LLC was able to help me out and provided excellent service. They were able to deliver my shipment in a timely manner and kept me updated throughout the process. I'm grateful for their help and would definitely use their services again.

Camille Client

I've been using GTG Logistic LLC for all of my freight transportation needs for the past year and I'm extremely happy with their services. Their rates are competitive and their team is always professional and courteous. I appreciate their attention to detail and their willingness to work with me.

    We Are Ready 24/7 Hours To Help You

    We’re available to answer any questions you may have and committed to providing you with exceptional, high-quality service. Contact us today to start your worry-free freight transportation experience!

    Contact Us

    If you need reliable and efficient freight transportation, look no further! We’re here to serve you and help meet your transportation needs. Whether you’d like to learn more about our services, request a quote, or simply have a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us.